I have a Journeyman QCW (secure from beneath) or sale

I have a Journeyman QCW (secure from beneath) frame that i want to sell. I am located in Norfolk Virginia. It is currently take apart and stored away. There isn’t anything wrong with it, I just decided to go a different route with my set up.

What is the price? Location near Salem va?

I would sell it for $150.

Salem VA is about 5 hours from me

Is this still available? If so, I am interested. I am in Iowa. Are you wiling to ship it? I can Venmo 150+shipping.

Yes it is available. I would be willing to ship in if you’re willing to pay the shipping cost.

I’m also interested, if the other guy doesn’t want it please message me.

I will let you know if he ends up deciding not to buy it.