If running the same design, does system have to be reloaded?

I have a One Finity woodworker using Fusion 360. If I run a program to completion then want to run the same program again, do I need to rezero everything or can I just put a new blank on the machine and hit run?

You can run it again just by hitting the play button. I often run vcarved text twice to clean up the cut, especially when the bit starts getting dull.

If you want to run the program again on a new piece of material, you will need to ensure it is put into the same location as the first. *Note, if there is a difference in thickness of the two pieces of stock, you will need to re-zero just the Z.


I typically probe again and then run the program.
When batch milling, people typically use a jig to hold the block in the exact same position, saving the time to probe each time.

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