I'm selling my g-codes on my etsy page

Hello everyone, I have decide to help out the beginner folks that are having struggles with programing a product. I have started to sell my g-codes on my Etsy store. I have my 9 x 12 oval cribbage board g-codes and also wood blanks for sale. the g code sale consists of :slight_smile: (1) PNG file
(1) Cnc Setup Pdf Sheet - this will tell you what type of bit to use and the order of bits and rough stock material size needed.
(1) Stl 3d model file - so you can open up the 3d model if you want to create your own g-code.
(3) Grbl post processor G-code files for folks who use the generic code reader.
(3) Onefinity Post Processor G-code files for the folks who have the Onefinity post processor setup on there program via fusion 360.
I know folks will say I can get the free svg of the oval cribbage board but: 1. its an svg so you have to use that and create all the tool paths with feeds and speeds. (I already did this you just have to cut.)
2. Yes my file is for sale but very cheap. Remember you can purchase this file and create as many oval blanks as you want.
So if there is anybody out there that wants a fast turn around of this product and I will have more future products listed as g-code template sales check out my store. I’m not requiring commercial license for you to use to sell your boards. I say “F” that. I’m not trying to get rich just a little cash to put towards my own business. Besides I like my 1F folks.
attached is the link to the template sale: Oval Cribbage Board Blank Template 9x12 Ready to Cut G-code | Etsy

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I think this is a place where there’s lots of opportunity. I know of a few projects I would like to do, like make the seat portion of a rocking chair, I would rather buy something and then modify it (or at least see how someone else made it) than to start from scratch. I’ve actually started making a seat in Fusion but keep going backwards and forwards as I decide I’m not happy with it. At some point I’ll actually cut one out and I’m sure do another redesign. There’s a lot of time spent. It would be great if 1F could have a section for users to upload stuff vs everyone having their own site like Esty or ebay.



I have more G-code files for sale. rectangular, round and heart shaped trays. they come with a pdf setup sheet, Png file, dxf file, g- codes from Onefinity post processor and Grbl post processor. I’m also in the process of selling fusion 360 files that are parametric so you can change the size of the part: aka the round tray you can change the diameter to whatever you want, even the material thickness, radius edges, thickness of edge wall. so check out what I got if you want fast quick files to cut on you Onefinity cnc or your cnc that runs Grbl post processor files. I will have the fusion 360 files uploaded for sale soon! Last thing there are NO license agreements, use them how you want. The only stipulation is that I do not allow you to resell the files on Etsy.

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Like Alex, I am tired of creating drawings, doing tool paths etc, only to waste twice as much time try to figure where I have made errors. I am sure that there are other IF owners like me who would be willing to pay a small amount to have .svg, .dxf as well as the g-code. IMO, the g-code for IF is important.

I think it would be a good idea for the IF guys to have a separate page for “Plans & G-code” sales.

Hi Jason:
I’m a newbie. Just got my machine and I’ve purchase a couple of Etsy file , not yours…yet, but I’m having trouble converting the dxf files to g code in Carveco Maker and I’m looking for some help. Any chance you chance you have a dog paw catch all tray in your files on Etsy?

I do not but since your a onefinity cnc family member you can send me your file and what bits your using and i can program it for you. I use fusion 360.


Very cool! This helps beginners like me.