Infinite Dust Collection Kit -$130

Ordered the Infinite Dust Collection Kit when I ordered my Onefinity because I thought it would take a 4” dust collection hose. Clearly I can’t read. Figured I would offer it here with the same discount Onefinity is charging in a restock fee so someone could save a couple bucks. Everything is unused, I literally opened the box, took it out, realized it was a 2.5” port, then put it all back in the box again and set it aside.

$130 plus shipping

What’s included: PWNCNC Rear Mounted Shoe (3D Printed), Onefinity Directed Suction Shoe (Injection Molded Polycarb) with built in 2 1/2" Vacuum Hose Adapter, Injection Molded Arms, 2 (two) 1" OAH Brush, 3 Router Hole Plates, 1 set of Height Adjusting Locks, Magnetically Hinged Rear Clip and all necessary hardware.