Info on the Breakout Board Accessory

Info on the breakout board accessory: The breakout board is NOT included with the machine. If we included the breakout board with every machine, the cost would go up for everyone (granted it would be smaller, but more is more). The way the controller is now, we figure most customers would never need or use the breakout board (but they would get charged for it). By making the breakout board a optional item, the only customers that would pay for it are those that actually would use it. Again, if you purchase our probe and/or laser, they will plug directly into the controller without the need for the breakout board (we tried to make it as plug and play as possible, eliminating the need for soldering). If you have your own and want to save money by not purchasing the breakout board, you can purchase the connector for the wire ends and attach them yourself (here’s a link to them : (the connector ) (the pin ). They are $.16 cents and $.27 cents. We’ve tried to give the customers many options. One thing we did NOT do is make anything proprietary, by locking customers out of using their own accessories.

You can purchase the breakout board HERE.

For those that use a VFD/Spindle you will need to purchase the breakout board. There’s no connector on the controller for it. These are much more complicated and there was no way around it.


Wiring Schematic:


Aside from the VFD, what else is the breakout board used for?


I’m hoping to be able to use it to tie into a tool head on/off. This worked on my old CNC and was nice to have the router turn on and off automatically. Then you hook it to something like this.

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Looking at the breakout board FAQ (What Does The Breakout Board Do?) and hoping to setup a second relay to turn on\off a second monitor\RPi for showing the controller page with model\carve preview. My understanding is I can connect the vcc to the 3.3v (pin 6) and gnd (pin 7) but then what do I use for signal? Do I use Load-1 (Pin 1) or Load-2 (Pin 2)? If so what do I configure in the controller under IO | Outputs for that?
Am I on the right track or is there a better option? A time delay would also be fantastic so that the controller would boot first but, baby steps… well maybe ogre steps… not real graceful in these new electronic spaces.

Ok, so tell me … I have a Spindle/VFD sitting on the bench awaiting its Onefinity. Do I still need Onefinities breakout board or is there a card in the controller??

You’ll need a BreakoutBoard.

Figures, since I didn’t already order one … I need one!

You can find them elsewhere as they are a stock design.

You should be able to get one from Amazon or Ebay for less than $10.

Does anyone know where I can find more detailed technical documentation on the breakout board? Specifically, I’d like to get more details on each pin. Are they all output pins, or are these some input pins (other than maybe EStop)? For example, if I wanted to connect my own EStop button, do I just pull that pin down to GND? Documentation such as that is what I’m looking for.

Thanks TMToronto. I saw that thread as well, but did not see the detailed technical documentation in there. Can you be more specific about where it is in that thread?

Would this help?

Yes, thank you! That’s more in-line with what I’m looking for.

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