Installing the Z-20 Heavy Duty Z Slider (configuring the software)

First, firmware 1.2.1 (or later) must be installed on your controller. See:

1. After 1.2.1 (or later) is installed, Go to the flyout menu (three horizontal lines in the upper left)

2. Click on “Admin”, “General”

3. Under ‘Configuration’, Click the blue “Reset” button.

4. In the pop up, choose your machine type (choosing incorrectly can cause your machine work incorrectly, Then push the blue “Next” button

**5. Choose the Z Slider Type (Z-20 Heavy Duty) and hit the blue “Next” button.

**6. Click the blue “OK” button. You have sucessfuly configured your machine for your new Z-20 Z slider!

Once installed, depending on certain machines and spindles, you may need to adjust stall homing after the above is performed.

Please see:

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If you do not wish to install firmware, you can change a few settings manually.

Follow the picture below: