Internal E-Stop

The machine was probing Z, apparently didn’t like that I had Z all the way up. Machine threw an error message saying switch not found and hit an internal e-stop. How do I reset it???

Easiest thing to do is to restart the controller. You need to have the bit in your spindle/router about 1/4" away from you touch plate when probing.

Push the digital estop button on the upper right of the screen.

Could it be that easy? Thank you!

Ours is even easier, and faster!

And the touch plate with the pocket cutout up when probing just the Z and not on the material corner. Otherwise if it’s on the corner it needs to be pocket side down and the bit just above the targeting circle in the upper right surface (if your zeroing all 3 axis).

is there a way to change that limit with g code? i ran this code and my machine e-stopped with the same error message

N55 G00 Z0

N60 G00 X5.25 y11.5

N65 G38.2 F15 Z-1.5

N70 G92 G21 Z15.4

N75 G91 G20 G0 Z0.5

To me it looks like you are over driving Z.
Your fourth line of code has Z at 15.4.
I believe that is beyond the limits of Z travel.

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i switched to mm because imperial introduces to much error when calling out the thickness of the touch plate. the message the machine gave me is it cant travel more than .25 inches during probing, there was not that much travel. i used this video as a guide. Are You Ready to Learn to Write GCode for Your Touch Plates? - YouTube

i tried reducing the z travel, no dice, that is not the problem. i think the .25 inch probe function is built into the firmware, i need to know if my guess is correct and if it possible to override it and what the possible consequences are and what the underlying reasoning for that design choice is.