Introducing The Z-20 Heavy-Duty Z-Slider

Take your Onefinity to the next level with the powerful, rigid and speedy Z-20 Heavy Duty Z-Slider. This simple to install upgrade offers more than 2X the speed and torque of the existing Z-Slider with increased travel.

Z-20 features:

Larger, more powerful stepper motor.

Large 20mm solid, linear rail shafts.

Sealed, high-load, linear bearings.

1610 ball screw for increased speeds.

165mm (6 1/2”) of total travel distance. (35mm increase over the standard Z slider)

4 mounting positions.

65mm and 80mm spindle mount options.

Provisions for mounting a Laser and other accessories.

Built in Suckit Dust Boot Mounts.

Thick precision machined back plates.

Quick and simple installation.

Discount provided when purchased through the IPP.

We’ve seen up to 40% increase in speed during certain 3D carves!

Important: The Z-20 will go on sale November 28, 2022. First orders will start shipping in 6-8 weeks.

To Order, go here:

Z-20 Heavy Duty Z-Slider

Be safe, be well, and stay tuned for our next announcement tomorrow! :blush:


The Entire Onefinity Family

As always, if you have any questions or need assistance, you are welcome to reach out to us either by email at or give us a call at:



I’m sure this will please a lot of folks, interested in the laser mounting option

Wonder if this will be available as an add on for new CNC purchases or if you have to buy it separately and ship the included one back.

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Hmm. So greater range and speed when 3D carving. I don’t think I need either right now. Could be an interesting upgrade if I was switching to a 80mm spindle though. Maybe that will come.

Hmmm It says if you sign up for the ipp program you can get it cheaper…
Ummm where do i sign up and what is it lol!!

Here’s the IPP:

We’ll have more info on this in the coming weeks. We’re focusing on the launch of the new products first, then we’ll dive into the details of getting a new z slider using the IPP (trade in program).

Yeah… if my machine doesn’t sell, this WILL be going on it!

Question: does this use the same steel mounting plates as the original version? Reason I ask is regarding the IPP. I modified mine by cutting off the dust shoe mounting slots, so I’m sure this would probably disqualify mine for trade-in, unless they could be swapped with the new ones.

Edit: NVM my question, it was answered in the video.

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The price seems reasonable, especially with the IPP. Im waiting on my x50 rails to get here to do a swap to a spindle, and this seems like a logical addition at that point.

Been there, done that, got the shirt :stuck_out_tongue:

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Very cool. Interested to learn more

I have to think this means we’ll be seeing a spindle option later this week. Time to start buttering up the wife for my Christmas upgrades. :grin:

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Isn’t that 6.5" of travel going to be hard to use for most existing setups? If you have a spoil board in place you may only have about 5" or so of space below the Z-slider. Will be there some sort of riser blocks made available as well to lift the X-axis rails up? Or will people have to add blocks under the Y-Axes feet?

I’m so interested to see if this improves tramming. Will this use the same 80mm spindle mount currently available or is there a beefed up version of that too?

The extra travel will be great for those with larger spindles that still want to have all the available clearance under the X-rail slider while also clamping a more central location on the cylindrical spindle body.

The 80 mm spindle mount looks to be the same, judging by the amount of the linear bearing still exposed in the images/videos.

It’s different, as the bearing are larger.

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Will the IPP program take into account those who upgraded to the 80mm spindle holder and have no use for the 65mm spindle holder?

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My question is does this fix the clearance issue where a spindle top hits the motor preventing the Z to hit the stops

If we sign up now for the IPP will the discount get applied automatically on 11/28?

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By ‘beefed up’ I assumed the OP meant dimensions other than bearing size - good that you clarified it is not the same, meaning a direct substitution.

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I asked Onefinity support is a 65 mm spindle will now clear the stepper motor. The reply i got was this,

Thank you for the email.

With the new Z-20 slider, a spindle will clear the motor. So does the Makita router.

Best regards,


Not a real firm answer to my question.