Introducing The Z-20 Heavy-Duty Z-Slider

Interested in this also, would love to have this as an option for new CNC purchases. Especially when I live overseas. It would be alot of back and forwards and waste of freight cost if ti wasn’t offered that way.

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It’s gone from the website. What happened?

Perhaps they are modifying the text description, etc…, and have it temporarily offline while they update the information.

I’m interested in this too. Seems odd not to have mentioned it in their announcement as I can imagine this would be a ‘no-brainer’ for any new order

Will the Z-20 become the default Z slider - or an option I can chose when ordering?

I have a journeyman in my basket just waiting for the 28th i think :slight_smile:

It will become an option once the 12 week lead time comes down.

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It’s just down as we modify the back end for it to fit into the IPP program. No big conspiracy here :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, any 65mm Spindle WILL CLEAR THE MOTOR on the Z-20 heavy duty Z slider.


ok so choice is either buy now - and get goodies - or wait 12 weeks and not get goodies.

As I’m in the UK - the shipping costs for upgrades etc are painful to say the least. I was hoping for Onefinity to negotiate some better shipping deals…

Overseas has to weight the options a bit more. Get the machine now then get the z slider later and pay customs twice, or wait the 12+ weeks (lead time could go way out depending on how Mondays presales go) and pay customs once. That decision is up to you.

It would be nice if we could order on Monday and just wait the 12 weeks+ for delivery :wink:

You can, just email in that this is what you’d like to do to

thanks - might have changed my priorities a bit with the Elite model… G

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On order. Looking forward to experiencing and seeing the difference

How about the suck it dust boot. Will the current arms and boot fit the z20?

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The shop lists Suck It Dust Boot Arms for the Z-16.

So presumably one needs different arms for the Z-20 but I don’t see them anywhere. What gives?

Could you please clarify how the IPP works for overseas customers?
I am specifically interested in two aspects:

  • custom duties, in some cases VAT can be recovered when exporting goods; do you have support for that?
  • shipping costs, as I understand that we need to ship the product back to you, how does that affect shipping costs?

Ordered, cant wait because i do lots of 3d work. Fingers crossed it makes my reliefs cut faster.

Will we need to change any system settings to get the faster performance? Or does the stepper swapout operate faster in the default configuration?

If using it with the stock 1F controller, I believe you will need to alter the z axis parameters since the ball screw pitch/lead are different. I am not using this controller, but I am sure others can explain how this is done in that particular software/controller.

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The current 80mm mount will not work on the Z-20 Axis system. They expect it to come out before the Forman delivers, acording to their info.

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