Is there an upgrade or trade in path for current machines to the ELITE Series?

At Onefinity, we care about our customers. That’s why, when we can, we always plan for users to upgrade their machines from their current model to the model of their choice without having to scrap their current machine! (who else cares this much for their customers?!)

We do plan on having an upgrade kit from current x-35/x-50 machines to the Elite Series. We don’t have a ton of details at this time (as we’re focusing on perfecting the launching of our new products), but expect an upgrade to happen in at earliest, late Q1 of 2023.

More details will be shared here as we have them. We do not have any pricing details at this time.

What an upgrade from a current machine to an Elite machine would include (could possibly change or grow in the future):

  • Masso controller
  • Masso Closed Loop Steppers for all axis.
  • all new wiring (different plugs)
  • all new drag chains and connecting hardware
  • homing sensors and wiring
  • wire caps and holders
  • X rail (if sizing up)
  • X-50 stiffy
  • Power supply and relay control box
  • Z-20 Heavy Duty Z Slider

It is impossible to ONLY directly swap the current controller for the Masso controller. You would need to include all the extras as well, so we will not be selling the Masso controller on it’s own.

With, what seems, the incredible popularity and demand, the 12 week lead time for Elite machines could grow and push back the upgrade kit time frame. With that said, if you just ‘need it NOW’, we recommend purchasing the full ELITE Series machine when it goes live, Monday 28th, 2022 at 10 Eastern.


I want to thank you and let you know I appreciate Onefinity for having the upgrade/trade in program.


You are very welcome, Scott. Thanks for the kind words! It’s what keeps us going!


This is much appreciated and great for building brand loyalty. You’ll most likely end up getting more money from me with a smile on my face. I wouldn’t want innovation to stop just because I bought last years model.


If we are happy with the size of our X50 Journeyman, will there be a “brains” upgrade for the controller, wires, steppers, etc? I am not sure I need the larger footprint, but the rest of it would be a great upgrade to go along with the Laser and Z20 that I am ordering tomorrow morning.


Came here to say this! Excited for the upgrades down the line. I too am ordering the Z-20 tomorrow and would certainly upgrade the “brains” (steppers, controller, wiring, etc.) down the road. Wouldn’t need a second z-20, or a couple of the other accessories (already have drag chains).

Hope you guys have a look at an “Al-a-cart” bundle option down the road for those of us who have already made certain upgrades.

Solid work!

I’m looking into the Beefy Z and journeyman stiffy, as well as the new laser module

Proud 1F owner of an X-50. Taking care of your existing customers with the upgrade program should be commended! Most companies only care about the initial sale, not the bigger picture, that being, existing customers are the best customers! I look forward to upgrading to the Masso package when available, with all the additional features it brings to the table. Great job, 1F! Keep up the innovative thinking which makes you stand apart from the rest.


Count me in for an X-50 Journeyman to Elite upgrade. 1F support has earned my loyalty. They just helped me find a small but critical adjustment that took me from tearing my hair out ruining projects to dialed in carving perfection!


I’m anxious to see the upgrade path in the next couple months. Will not be cheap, to the point where it makes sense so many are listing their current machines for sale

Hi, I have a Spindle and VFD on my Onefinity. Will that still be usable with the upgrade to the Masso controller?

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Absolutely. I use a Masso G3 and set up my spindle and VFD, and the controller connections and wiring can be quite straightforward depending on the functionality you are trying to achieve.


So as I see it 1F should now be “paying” you as you seem to be the expert :grinning:

Any updates on the upgrade kit?

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