It'll be nice if we had a Rotary PP for 1F

I’ve been having fun lasering on tumblers, dialing it in pretty good thanks to Roger T., he modified our laser pp by adding the wrap ability, that and a few adjustment to our motor setting that easily get restored, now that is fun and productive “Lasering Tumblers etc.” however I believe it will be equally good to be able to carve rotary, I have tried to modify our pp for rotary as Roger did for laser rotary by adding the wrap possible, ran a test well back to the drawing board, I said all that to ask if anyone can develop a rotary carve pp, for us to where a rotary attachment kit, can use by hooking up to the Y axis … I know we have gcoders that can write this, it’ll be nice


I believe Roger wrote the post processor and published it here. He also posted a picture of a carve.

I am installing my rotary in the next few weeks.

Rotary is not supported by Onefinity. There will not be an official Onefinity PP.