Journeyman for sale in Vancouver, Washington USA (sold)

Onefinity Journeyman for sale in Vancouver, Washington USA
Very nice setup with stand and drawers for less than 4k
It’s on a onefinity QCW Frame and sit on table with metal frame under
Ordered a bigger cnc already
If I would have a spot for it I would never sell it.
Comes with router , dust collection shoe and hoses, router light, on/off switches, 23in touch screen, joystick e t.c.
Just plug and use it…

since in Vancouver, is that 4K cdn or usd??

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Vancouver, Washington so I’d assume USD. What is the asking price anyways?

Yes it’s in USD

could you send pics to thx.

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Hi is this still available? Im in portland and would love to swing by to check it out

And it actually located in my shop in Portland

More details about this setup

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Hi, my email is I’ll email you my number and we could go from there

Would you be able too ship?

Did this sell? I DM’d @Foreman2023 but didn’t get a response.

the last time i spoke with him, it was still available, approx 2-3 weeks ago. sorry. :slight_smile:

Journeyman in Vancouver, WA USA
has been SOLD