Journeyman X-50 (48x32) and 14w Dual Laser for Sale (Reno, NV)

I have a very lightly used X-50 and a never-used 14w Dual Laser that I would like to sell, however I am not currently able to arrange shipping. I am located in Reno, NV, and curious if there is anyone in the area who is interested in purchasing a machine.

Currently mounted to a kreg table/torsion box via the QCW secure from below frame, and would come with additional bits, dust boot, aftermarket drag chains, etc.

If interested, let me know and I can take some photos and provide a firm price.

Would you sell the drag chains, dust boot, and qcw frame?

If push comes to shove I suppose I would be willing to part out what you’ve asked for, but I would like to sell as a bundle at this time. Additionally, I am trying to avoid shipping so local purchases get priority.

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I’m not as interested in the frame, but I’d buy it if the deal was right for me. Let me know if you want to toss the drag chains and dust boot in a box. I’m ready anytime.

I am interested in your machine and would be able to pick it up. We are headed to the Reno Rodeo next week. Please provide some photos and a price. You can call my land line to discuss if you like. 541 934 2964

I will get some photos upload in a couple of hours, thanks for your interest.

@Ranch I left a voicemail at the number you provided. I’d like to know more about what you are interested in? I can sell everything (including bits, clamping accessories, the torsion box/kreg table its attached to, the laser, the makita router etc) or just the CNC unit itself. Feel free to call me back to discuss more, and I’ll base the price off what you’re interested in.

If you want to buy everything as a package, this is what it would include:

48x32 Journeyman
Buildbotics Controller
Onefinity Touch Probe
10.8 hi-def screen
Wireless Joypad Controller
QCW Secure from Below
Vertical Wall Mount for Journeyman
Makita Router w/ 1/4" and 1/8" collets
Aftermarket Drag Chains and required cable extensions
Aftermarket dustboot (dustimator)
Aftermarket dust hose management (for 2.5" hose)
5x5 Steel Kreg Table
Custom built torsion box
14W Jtech laser (brand new)
Infinite possibilities set of Jenny bits
5 astra coated bits from bits & bits (v groove, flattening, bowl, etc.)
10 Assorted end-mill bits from SpeTool
Large assortment of Oops clamps

My best estimate at retail pricing for all of this (including current sales) is around $5300, not including any material cost or time to build the torsion box. Happy to accept a reasonable offer for all of it, or to price it without the kreg table, bits, etc.

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For anyone interested, I’ll set the price at $4000 for everything, and consider reasonable offers from there depending on shipping needs.

Would you be willing to sell the 14w laser?

Yes - make me an offer.