Joystick Issues Since latest Update

Hi folks,

Has anyone had joystick issues since the latest firmware update. I am using an old XBox 360 controller that was working well until the update. Now it is completely unresponsive. I tried fiddling with the options and changing controllers but it still wont jog the machine anymore. I may have to go buy a new controller its just a shame since it was working well and still works when I use it on the X-Box. Any ideas?

this is on 1.1.1?
Is this an official XBOX 360 controller?

I am having a similar issue with 1.1.1. The X box clone controller that I’m currently using was working fine before I upgraded to the latest revision. the unit i have is made by Voyee. I’m guessing I may have to used a different controller such as the Logitech unit in the pulldown menu.

This is on 1.1.1 and an official Xbox controller. I will keep experimenting.

Ok so no joysticks are currently working. I tried factory refresh and reupdate no luck. Any ideas?

I’m having the same issue.

Same issue. I went back to the previous working rev (1.0.9).

Mine has stopped working too since updating to 1.1.1. Using an official Xbox 360 wired joystick controller. Was working just fine prior to 1.1.1.

There’s currently an issue with Xbox 360 controllers that has been fixed internally and we will release a beta soon for everyone to test. Beta should be in the “beta firmware” in the next few days.
The Xbox 360 controller had an unexpected @ character that made the python code freak out.


Thanks for the quick work! Excited to test it out.

Once again my respect for onefinity customer service is confirmed. So much love for this company.