Jtech Laser 4.2w full kit (Sold)

For anyone that is intereted. I have a 4.2w jtech laser (used for 10 minutes to test on 1F) with full kit to work with the 1f etc.
comes with laser, drive, mounting plate etc etc etc.
I have it posted for 500$ on the fb group, but i think i can let it go for 450$.

Keep in mind, the 4.2w is just as good at engraving etc as the 7w sold now. You arent cutting a lot of 1/2" ply with either :slight_smile:
Thank you

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Is this still available? If so please let me know.

if @dunginhawk sold his I also have a jtech 4.2 watt laser for sale.

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@Sylthecru if you can send me an email to rgv360booth@gmail.com

it is not available. thank you


My email address is sfontenelle@gmail.com