Lead time reduction (4/2/24)

Got my tracking info today. Order #47182

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Hi, wondering about the lead times listed here. It says 4-6 weeks but I ordered my Elite almost 8 weeks ago. I am wanting to understand if this is inaccurate or if my order got lost?

Oh I see above y’all are on 47182. Cooincendentally, I am order number #47282.

Good news,
The foreman tubes have arrived so those who ordered foreman sized machines who have been delayed are now being built!


I just received notice that my Elite Foreman has shipped! I’m order #47084.

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My Elite Forman shipped today too! Order 47212 As expected, now I’ll rush to finish up fabricating my steel base table.

Are the Braking Motors for the Elite not in stock currently?

They are in stock right now.

I ordered mine on the 6th of May and I’ve been waiting for some feedback, but nothing as of yet. And I really need it…

How’s order 47558 lookin?

#47258 elite foreman…shipping notice received…ordered March 16

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thanks for the update, it’s appreciated.

Made progress today on my table base. A day after my Elite Foreman arrived. (Ordered 14 March) Here it is upside down on my welding table. Tomorrow it gets flipped and I’ll get to finishing the topside welds.


It might be overkill but it’s flat and it won’t wobble!


That’s my kind of table, is that 1x3 or 2x4 beams, hard to tell in the picture?

Great job!


Hi Alex. @MindOfMcClure

I’m glad you like it. It’s all 2x3x11gauge steel tube with the exception of two 2x4 pieces that I had from a different project. I’m using one to support my top seam and one on the bottom shelf. I have threaded plates on the legs to add leveling feet after painting. It’s designed to be moved with a pallet jack and it can pick from any side.