Lead time reduction (4/2/24)

Just received an email stating my pro woodworker is being built. How long does that process take?

Just received my tracking numbers for Elite Foreman ordered 4/19 order #48037

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Ordered 4/4/24:

Arrived today


Received my shipment today. Ordered April 10. Kudos to 1F, very well packaged!


So, it would appear that they are on about an 8 week turn around. Did you order a Foreman or a Journeyman Elite?
Just curious. I’m 5 weeks into a order for a Journeyman, have my table built, new lighting installed, dedicated electrical run…can you tell I’m looking forward to arrival?

Ask and yea shall receive! Got the email today saying my elite Journeyman will be ready for pick up on Friday (5.5 weeks from order)



I ordered a foreman. I have to say it was one of the best packaged pieces of equipment I have ever purchased. I too was ready and waiting!

Have fun!



On April 17, I placed order number 47978 for a Elite upgrade kit for my Journeyman. It arrived here in Ohio on June 12.

I noticed that lead time is reduced for all Elites machines from the shipping section of the website. Now saying 3-5 Weeks. Was 6 to 8 weeks when I ordered in May. They keeping up with the demand now. Great!

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Good catch on even MORE lead time reduction!

We hired more employees and expanded our warehouse :stuck_out_tongue:

The future is BRIGHT for Onefinity!