Lead time reduction (4/2/24)

So I called Monday morning and was told my order was scheduled to be made this week. Haven’t seen any updates so does that mean it hasn’t been finished this week or it has and I’ll know When you make this coming weeks labels? #49063

My Journeyman was packaged without my knowledge of course. When 1F shipped I received an email from UPS explaining a label was created for each box, total of 6 boxes. Long story but approximately 24 “label created” emails later the final tracking numbers were emailed, I could then track the shipment via UPS tracking.

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Thank you for the info as I’m sure you remember the feeling, just so excited to get this. Though worries cause 4th of July is coming up and hope to get it before then. Make a few trays for the party. But on another note I use to work for UPS on the holidays and once worked the line up. They toss boxes especially the ones with fragile on them. If there super heavy they just tire flip them. Glad these this things built tough cause there gonna put it through the wringer when it hits Saint Augustine.

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I put my order in 20 May, but no sign of shipment yet. the lead time reduction message came after I put my order in so may be it only affects all orders after the message came out? I’m in the #48620’s but only crickets so far…got the email saying it was being made a few days after the order, though.

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Ordered May 13. Received June 22. Patience.

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Was yours a PRO or Elite?

PRO or Elite? I’m trying but I’m just sooo stoked. Iv been trying to sell my screen printing equipment to get this and finally sold it so I could afford it. Down to $30 till the VA check gets deposit end of the month :sweat_smile:

Elite journeyman. Still waiting on the spindle though. 5 hours building it so far, not including the table.

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Wow got yours fast then, any particular reason it’s taken longer then the hour iv heard it takes? Guessing maybe the wiring up since it’s got a beefy screen and wiring?

Unboxing alone took an hour. Then two hours to assemble and the rest to square it and it is still not square, working on that.


Dave, I ordered Elite Journeyman

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Oh wow the YouTube video they attached in the email made it seem pretty straight forward. I’m kinda worried about my local UPS and the way the treat the heavy boxes. If mine isn’t square when I do it like the video I’m definitely blaming UPS.

Based on Scott your a week after him in ordering so should be hearing something pretty soon. I might call them up tomorrow and see whats the status cause I want to change the spindle mount from 65mm to 80mm. by the time I get it I’ll be able to order a 2.2kw spindle from what Iv read and watched. so far its looking like that’s going to be better longer term.

Ordered an Elite Journeyman on June 7th and status is still “Confirmed”. Even though the new leadtime is 3-5 weeks, do not hold your breath on the 3 weeks. Will see in 2 weeks if the 5 weeks is accurate. Order #48973.

4 weeks so far and it’s still showing up as “Confirmed”.

Have you gave them a call to see? I got my z slider July 1 and the rest July 5 something happened and the truck got delayed apparently plus holiday. Finally got it but been having issues with the spindle and possibly VFD learned not to trust the “VFD already preset” but ed out the first one right off the bat when I was testing it out after assembly. Now I go the new one started but all the sudden it won’t stay up automatically with the controller but works manually. Reading possibly VFD or DB 25. Best of luck fellow infantryman.

11B 2-27INF

I’ve sent them an email 5 minutes ago (to info@…). In two days will be the end of week # 5 and my order is still showing as “Confirmed”. Guaranteed there is a legit reason but I wanna know lol Wish you good luck with VFD. I’ll get one eventually. Thanks.

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