"Loading 3d View" Not loading

So I have never seen this work on my machine. Is there something I need to do to make this show up? I would like to see it.

Any help would be appreciated.

What browser and device/os

Its on my iPad or my MacBook pro. Duck duck go app on iPad and safari on MacBook pro. Is that the issue?

You might want to try Chrome, or Brave (based on Chrome - but private like DDG) I use Brave and have zero issues viewing from my PC next to my OF.



That fixed it!!! Thanks man. Brave is a browser I’d never heard of but it seems slick and secure! Love it.


Yes, its a great browser, I’ve been using it for almost a year now and I’ll never go back to Chrome.

Glad it worked!

I can confirm preview works with Chrome on a Mac and does NOT work with Safari. I wish it did though…