Looking for a Journeyman in MA, RI, CT, NH, VT or NY/NJ area

Hi All,
I live in Massachusetts. I am looking for a used Journeyman X-50 for sale. I can drive to neighboring states if the price is right.

Anyone looking to sell, please let me know. You can also text me @ 805-428-6653.


Vignesh, is your area code really (805)? Most of Massachusetts is (508).

I was in California, thats where the number is from. I live in MA now.

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I live around Philly. I have an entire Journeyman set up that is barely used. Was not considering selling but let me know if you’re interested. It just sits and took a backseat to lots of other things going on

Philly is a bit far out. But I can make the trip if its worth it. Can you send me an email with your setup and what comes with it? Also your asking price.

my email id - vicky.prodigy@gmail.com

Im still looking for a Journeyman X50. Bumping this post up.

I live in NJ if Available!