Looking to buy a Journeyman, in Canada

Looking to buy a Journeyman. I’m in Winnipeg MB, but willing to pick up pretty much anywhere within MB, would pick up in Calgary AB or Langley BC.

am in montreal and my x 50 journeyman 48 32 with touch rorbe… onefinity table…rotor…dustboot…4.500$…call me if interested…438-99-0818…Daniel…

am ready to travel to ontario thunder bay…

Hi Daniel, would you do 4000 cad? I am located in GTA

Hi…4.300$ …GTA (grand Toronto area)??

ok 4000 i let it go…if you still interested

x50 journeyman.with…rotor…touch probe.dust boot and onefiniti table…asking 4000.am open to drive to manitoba…am in montreal

Hi Daniel. I’m interested. In Ottawa. Your phone number is missing a digit…
Look for me on FB Fantastic Pinball Inc.

Did you find a Journeyman to purchase?

no i did not, what do you have and where you located and at what price??

still waiting for a response??

I have a Journeyman X-50. Im in Edmonton.

i am coming to calgary approx aug 9, please send pics, to tk.thetaylors@gmail.com you also did not state the price?? please do so. Terry

My apologies Terry. Just sold it.

Well congratulations. The best to you. :slight_smile:

Hi Terry,

I have a 32 by 48 WW that I am thinking of selling. I want to upgrade to the elite cnc. I live in Winnipeg.

Oh that sounds good, I am away for the weekend, call me on Mon, ph 204-781-7322. What were you looking for as a price? How old is it?

Bruce, Terry here, am home from the camping, what is your number and i can call you about the cnc machine??

Bruce??? send me your phone number and i will call you about your x50 cnc machine. Terry

Hi, Sent you a private msg with my contact info and also txt msged you.