Looking to buy a Onefinity Cnc in Michigan

I am located in Michigan and was looking to see if anyone is selling a unused machine. Thanks for your time Hunter.

Please unbox the machine and make sure everything is present and there is no damage.

The boxes are undamaged. I am therefore led to believe that the contents are intact, so I don’t think I’ll be opening anything here. I’ve retracted the offer and will just go ahead with my plans to upgrade the machine to an x50.

Hi Hunter,

I’ve decided to sell my machine - I’ve listed it for sale in this forum but saw your post and thought it might be a good idea to let you know about it. It’s a Onefinity X35 Woodworker. It has not been unboxed. I have a business to run and the wait time has killed me this year so I want to cut my losses.

My invoice came to $2,503.78. I’ll entertain a reasonable offer considering the shipping and sales tax was part of that invoice.

The components ordered were:
CNC Woodworker (32" x 32")
Onefinity controller
Suckit Dust Boot Pro
10.8" touchscreen.

I live in Duluth, MN so if you’re up for a road trip you can avoid shipping.

Dale Nielsen