Looking to BUY Woodworker or Journeyman

I am located north of Toronto Canada. If you have a Woodworker or Journeyman that you are looking to sell please reach out to me. I am very interested in adding this wonderful tool to my workshop.

Still looking…
Please meaasage if you are looking to sell.

I have a brand new Journeyman still in the box I’m wanting to sell. I’m in Arkansas

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Still looking… if you have a unit for sale please contact me.

Is this still available, and what part of Arkansas?

I just posted a woodworker new in box for sale, sy, didnt see your post

I am very interested. Can you give a a couple days to work out the details but i think we could arrange to meet in Albany or something close for pickup.

Do you have this available? Price ?

Just curious, does OnefinityCNC allow the transfer of their 1-year warranty?

Hey Auntjemimma,

OnefinityCNC wrote this:

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