Losing Z during a cut

Anyone know why I’m losing Z during a cut?

A couple of things come to mind …
Is your wasteboard flat? Is your bit tight in the collet?

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I second what POOTAHOLIC said. My first thought was that your spoilboard wasn’t flat.

That looks like a slopes wasteboard. Mine did that as it was not fastened down in the middle so would raise up when I screwed materials down to it and the screws would go through the wasteboard

Yup… that was it! (Hand smacks forehead)

I had done a cut that was cursive letters. Somehow a little piece from the inner part of an e or i was on my worksurface before I laid down my new spoilboard. Damn thing was small enough not to notice as I secured it… but sure as sh*t… it was the cause. Recut and also used compression bits this time… came put perfect.

Thanks all… chalk it up to the learning process.


Must be why they no longer teach cursive… Risks are to high…

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