Manual control of Laser power


I am trying to cut several materials with the jtech laser.
When my toolpath changes the direction of onefinity, and it decelerates, the laser power decreases.
Sometimes, I would appreciate if I could keep the power still on the same level, with no respect to the speed.

So, is possible to force the laser to have the same power no matter what the speed is?

Doubt the power is changing. It is about direction changes and acceleration to get up to specified speed.

Try adjusting your jerk settings and adjust your speed downward a touch to get more uniform burns. BTW, cutting with a JTech is marginal.

this is the built in s curve. ‘dynamic power’ in pwm settings.

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So, can I turn it off?
I browsed the settings (in the web interface), but I do not see anything like PWM settings…