Masso link stopped connecting to Onefinity Elite

For the first few days I had the Onefinity, it was really nice to be able to send files to it via Masso Link. After those first few days though, it stopped working, and now I get the following error whenever I try to send a file after connecting : “An error occurred while transferring file”. Anyone experience this?

Sounds like your USB stick lost it’s connection. There is a problem with the USB extension with it being too loose and the controller losing link. You will either have to find a stick that fits tight or start a support ticket with Masso and they will get you a new extension.

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The USB stick works fine when I transfer files to it and insert it into the controller. Do you still think the looseness of the stick could be the case?

Yes. If the stick has any wiggle it will lose connection. Mine would work fine and then it would lose connection without really doing anything.

Is there some way to confirm that a loose usb stick is the cause of this? Like maybe if I duct tape the USB stick in real tight and see if it then transfers?

You can put the stick into one of the internal ports.

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