Masso not spinning up PWNCNC V4 VFD

Just upgraded to the Elite, have had my V4 VFD and water cooled spindle (110v) for about 18 months.

Went over all the settings with PWNCNC help earlier today. On Masso, I put the spindle in CW mode, MDI S5000. The lights on the VFD display continue blinking, but change from 0.0 to 81.0 Hz, which is correct for 5000 RPMs…

But the spindle never actually starts spinning.

I’ve check continuity on the cable for all pins, and for the pins to the board in the MASSO - the center pin/blue wire/spot 7 (CCW setting) didn’t have a connection, but all others had continuity. CCW shouldn’t really matter.

Anyone else have this problem and resolved it?

Hey Jeffrey, S command just sets the speed, it does not start the spindle. Only M3 or M4 starts the spindle.

If you have the Elite/Masso, you should know that the Masso does not support transmitting spindle speed and run/stop commands using Modbus over a serial communications port. Spindle start goes only by switching an input terminal of the VFD on over the spindle control cable, speed is sent by an analog voltage line. So you should check if the run/stop cable/wire/contact is okay.

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Pressing the Spindle CW button sends the M3. I also tries ending it manually through MDI and it didn’t work.

Okay, then I can only think of checking the wire that transmits cw to the vfd’s input terminal for conductivity or a short. You may also check if the run/stop control setting in the VFD is set to be triggered by the input terminal. You can look into the manual to see which setting that is. Daniel @PwnCNC may provide support

You may also check if the vfd output to spindle connector is okay. When the spindle is supposed to run, you should have an AC voltage between every two of all three phases. If only two phases are connected, the spindle cannot run.

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The spindle runs in manual mode. I’ve checked connectivity all the way to the VFD, just haven’t busted open the VFD to look at the wiring yet. I was hoping I wouldn’t need to, but it’s my last check…lol.

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Hey Jeffrey,

I don’t have experience with PwnCNC’s DELIXI VFD, but on the VFDs I know, when start/stop control is set to “input terminal”, the control over the VFDs control keypad is disabled.

But if you can assume that the VFDs’ display shows the speed with which the spindle should currently run, I would suspect the spindle power cable has a contact not connected.

If the spindle runs while in start/stop control from front keypad, but not with run/stop control set to “input terminal”, then the input terminal is not triggered by the Masso (you can check this by connecting a microswitch to the input temrinal instead of the spindle control cable), or the run/stop control may not be set to “input terminal”.

So, it turns out my VFD is a V3, not V4, and is not compatible.


Hey Jeffrey,

aw, sorry, I should have thought of that and asked that first. The DELIXI CDI-EM61 VFD that PwnCNC uses is programmed differently and internally wired differently for the buildbotics-derived Onefinity Controller on Original/X-50/PRO Series than if bought for the Elite Masso Controller. The Masso does not support Modbus communication over a serial line, but cw and ccw run/stop is controlled by switching a programmable input terminal and speed by an analog voltage line. So the input terminals of the VFD for buildbotics are programmed for other functions, and the PwnCNC VFD is not usable for an upgrade to Masso. But you may ask Daniel @PwnCNC if the VFD can be reprogrammed to fit the Elite/Masso use.

This was the case a while back. If the customer has a v4 or v5 VFD Enclosure (see sticker on back or ask our support). If they have these newer vfd enclosures, then it is simply a control cable change and minor programming changes to switch between Modbus and PWM (like masso).
These newer vfd enclosures have both a modbus port and a pwm port on the side of the enclosure.
the PWM port includes the CW and CCW wires that are wired into the Elite-Masso Controller allowing the activation of both functions.
We do offer a low-cost “VFD Upgrade” service that’ll upgrade ANY enclosure up to the latest v5 version. We’ve exposed a lot of functionality with these Delixi EM61 vfd’s. All of it is well documented and some are really cool like VFD Run terminal, IoT power strip plug, and more.
The low-cost is worth it IMO… and if you’re upgrading to our ATC, the vfd upgrade is included.


Support is who eventually identified my VFD as a V3 instead of V4. For some reason I cannot find the email from my order (Order #4450 from Dec 2022).

Is the upgrade service a mail in service? Or a kit that is shipped to me?

At this point I’m otherwise likely to buy a V5 on yellow friday next week.

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We tried the upgrade-kit before. It typically took an our or two of phone support to get it upgraded properly. Whereas in-house it takes us 30min max and that includes full range of testing to verify it’s functioning properly.
The upgrade we offer today (VFD Enclosure Upgrade – PwnCNC) is a mail-in service. You mail the your vfd back to us and we’ll get it upgraded and sent back out most times same day, if ups has already came/went it’ll be next day.

Oh a bonus of our v5 enclosures is it includes beautiful aluminum panels instead of the acrylic. Far more sturdy.