Max Size of Gcode?

I’m trying to finish a large 3D picture frame for Christmas, 30”x25”
Everything done with Aspire
The Roughing (3hr.) file was fine. When I try and load the Finishing pass (51Mb) (37 hrs according to Aspire). the OneFinity just freezes and displays this screen…
I have Rebooted about 20 times, re-calculated the gcode, etc etc. Smaller files load ok.

Is there a MAXIMUM size Gcode file that the OneFinity will accept?

Did you ever get this figured out?

Yes I did, Gcode file size is no longer an issue. :slight_smile:

What is the max size/ was it an issue with the size?
-I have a 43 hour file I’m trying to send over without luck…

The reason for that is the following,
The Micro SD card that in the controller is a 4 mb, +/-, but the controller is not programmed to recognize the whole 4 mb.
There is a way to allow the full capacity of the card, this would fix your problem.

I’m leaving my shop now, I will look for the instructions that I received from the OneFinity support team and forward them to you this evening.

Firmware 1.0.7 ‘Enabled auto expansion of partition and file system to fill SD card on first boot’ so no need to do it manually.

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I actually replaced the card, with a huge one.
A 128 or 256, I forget which one.
I hope this solves your issue.
I’m still on 1.06. I haven’t played with the 1F in about 2 months… I’m very busy lately machining steel, Alu, copper things with my other BIG Cnc machines.

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