Minimum environment temperature for proper machine operation?

Good day everyone. It is starting to get chilly in my part of Canada. I was wondering what is the recommended operational environment temperature for the machine? I received it in summer and as someone somewhere on tv had once said. winter is coming. Today I noticed that my Y homing won’t complete as the e-stop gets tripped shortly after it starts moving. This is the first time happening. I tried playing around with the Stall Current, as per some advice on a few threads here but I’m up to 1.3 amps and it still trips. It was working fine a month a go and nothing had really changed. The machine is square and parallel according to my Machinist Squares.

I suspect it’s the temperature. Perhaps the stepper motors have lost magnetic strength in the cold?

Jesus christ… nevermind…


I try not to laugh at others misfortune…but this made my day!

Seems like something I would do! :joy:


At least you found what was screwing with you


I have had my 1F machine for about 6 weeks and it has performed flawlessly. The last few days the machine has been finicky when I turn it on requiring to turn the on/off switch on a few times before it fires up. yesterday the screen went black then back on a few times. Today I hit the emergency stop as I nicked a hold down screw and wanted to change the bit out
before continuing the cut. I reset the emergency button and nothing happens when I turn on/off switch on. I checked the connection to the controller box and know I have power entering the
box but nothing happens.