Modem vs no modem connection

Im interested in purchasing a onefinity joureyman but I have no internet connection in my shop. If I understand correctly, I can do the software design of my projects on my desktop in my office (internet connection), transfer to a SD Card, take to shop and complete my project. Is this accurate? So when the control box or monitor on my CNC needs an up date, can I remove those components from the CNC, move to my desktop and internet connection and make the updates?

Yes for both of your question , I am using a usb stick to transfer all of my files, and the update can be done with usb stick to

Awesome, thanks so much for reply

I think the answer is no for an SD card but the answer is yes for an USB stick.

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Im good as long as I can do one or the other. Im computer illerate so not sure what the difference is between usb stick and sd card other that different places they plug into computers or devices.

You are right for the SD card my bad

You could use an SD card in a USB atta he’d SD card reader

Thanks BJ, I think I will just use the USB, I have those ports in my desktop and Im sure the Onefinitey will have at least one USB Port in both the monitor and controller.

Just on the controller and you may want an extension cable to bring it to an easier access location.

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Perfect, Thanks. Still in the pre purchase mode for everything so have lots more research.

The other answers you got are good for the USB question. But, I’d encourage you to see if you can get wifi in the shop. If you have it in an attached area, then you may be able to get a “wifi range extender” to bring the signal into your shop. It really is handy to have the 1F on the internet. You’ll be able to just load the files onto the 1F from your desktop in the office.

Something like this one is a good option, cheap and quick to setup.

Yes, that will work. That is the original file transfer protocol. It was called SneakerNet.
Not kidding, that was a real thing.