Monitor turns off when I turn on my spindle

Just got my journeyman and spindle mostly set up.

The spindle seems to be working well.

I bought a crappy “Insignia” brand monitor remaindered at best buy.

When I turn the spindle on, the monitor flickrs and loses connection to the controller. It doesn’t turn off but the screen goes blank and it has to find the connection again. It reconnects and disconnects repeatedly.

It’s on a power strip with the coolant pump, the VFD, the controller and the monitor. Nothing else in the shop is running.

I’m confused as to if it’s simply an issue of there not being enough power? Or is it annoyed by the VFD somehow?


Ok…if I plug it into a different outlet in the shop, seems to work fine.

I’m in a big mixed use building. I don’t really know what sort of power I have. Could it be the power strip that’s causing the issue?

More than likely you’re having an issue with EMI from the spindle affecting other devices, this is a common problem if you search around on the forums. Some have reported success resolving these issues with ferrite beads installed on the cords.


Ok thanks! Just on the power cords?

I’m not sure exactly where they were installed, seems on every wire in some cases but I located the thread that was very similar to the issue you’re having, hope it can give you more clarification.

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Perfect thanks!! I just bought some.