Need accessories

Just bought a used WW, with no accessories. Need monitor, joypad, probe for starters. I’m located in Edmonton AB CA T6A 0M7

I suggest you read some posts about using third party monitors. Many people use them because they want larger or cheaper. They just need to be touchscreen (or use a mouse) and the connection compatible. The posts talk about this.

There are also posts about compatible joysticks, which you might find used or cheaper if found in CA without coming through the US.

Finally, regarding the probe, if you dont find one readily, some people prefer using the paper method, which entails bringing the bit down until you just barely cant pull a peice of paper out from under it.

8m in no way discouraging you from your search from the original accessories. Im just making you aware of alternatives. I learned a ton from forum reading and YouTube videos. For the latter, videos about 1F as well as CNC in general would be recommended.

Best wishes, and have fun!

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You need dust boot?
I have suckit pro only used couple of times. $60 shipped.