Need to be able to manually set IP address

Not exactly a bug, but I didn’t see a “Wish List” category…

Most small networks don’t have the ability to do DHCP reserves. It gets frustrating to be working for an hour on Fusion 360 and realize you don’t know the IP address of the Onefinity CNC when you go to transfer the g-code. So you run down a flight of steps and go into the garage to get the IP address of the controller. Now it is not even on the main page anymore, so you then have to go through the menus to find it. Hopefully, you don’t forget it on the way back up stairs.

We need a way to manually set the IP address, mask and gateway through the GUI interface.


Please see the “features request” category for software.

Since you have established that the controller is on the local network, you should be able to access it from your desk using http://onefinity.local. I realize that there are cases where having the actual IP address may be useful, but perhaps this will save you a trip down the stairs.

If you are using Windows and cannot access the above address when the controller is powered on, installing Bonjour Print Services will usually get you up and running.

EDIT: You may also need to reboot after installation.


I don’t know how it works without hooks into DNS, but it does work. Thanks for pointing this out.

Hey Martin,

it works this way :slight_smile: