New Dust Collection Option is Here! --(Just Announced)--

Another great option for dust collection just launched!!!

To order please go to:

I can attest that having the new dust collection option is awesome, it does not interfeer with your view of what is going on in your carve while providing excellent chip/dust removal. This is a great additiion to the OF family and I can say that I’m personally making the swith from here onward!!!



so far I need to save $300 for 6/10 LOL :fireworks:

So the new kit comes with two different dust collectors? I assume you can’t use them both at the same time so is there a reason to get the kit with both vs just buying the “suck it” or the PwnCNC shoe? Are there times when you would want to switch between the two?


Yes that is correct… it will give you the option to have the hose in front OR back depending what your need on that project is. You cannot (nor would you want to) use both at the same time.

As to the Why you would use both depending on where your cuts are in relation to your materials it may behoove you to use one over the other. For example if you are cutting on the near front edge of a board then the hose will be suspended mostly over the open air and so the bulk of your suction power is lost as there is nothing for the brushes to make contact with. Same goes through for the reverse (working to the back edge.)

Hope that helps!

@OnefinityCNC As a current owner of the SuckIt dust bbot, will there be an option to only purchase the PWNCNC dust shoe?


Morning Stephane,

I will have to let the OF team confirm to be 100% sure… BUT since the new PwnCNC boot was designed to fit perfectly into the current SuckIT arms and fittings, I do not see why that would not be an option for existing customers that already have the SuckIT.

So to answer your question I’m 99.5% sure the ansswer is YES.


Word of caution, the one for the OneFinity was created especially for the OF, it is not the same as the one @scottjritt just posted. The one that is listed here requires that you either purchase new arms and supports etc. from the as PwnCNC.

The one in this link is narrower than the OneFinity one comeing out, it will not fit in your stock arms!!!


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I am interesting in just the new boot, as well, since i already own the suckit Pro version.

Any word on getting just the v8 boot?

It’s exclusively part of the package deal.

Boo! I just spent $90 on the Suck It Pro… now I have to spend $140 just for the v 8 boot?

Yea, I was disappointed to get that reply to my email inquiry about it as well.
Really too bad.

I concur. That’s a BIG BOO on this aspect.
I already paid for the suckit so why should I have to buy another one.
It is my opinion this should be offered as a separate purchase.
My 2 cents

I decided to buy a dust boot else where for the same reason, 1F seem to be really disrespecting a very loyal customer base by expecting existing users to buy both.

2 cents more

It’s the deal we made with PWN CNC. We had the option to offer both or nothing at all. We chose the former.

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Thanks for the clarity on this @OnefinityCNC.

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Can we return the unopened Suckit for refund/credit?

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If your order has not been filled and you would like to upgrade, call them for a difference in payment for the new dust collection option. I ordered the Pro and upgraded!

Does the Dust Collection Kit (the plates) V8 fits to the 80mm Spindle mount?


No I do not believe it works with the 80mm mount.