New Journeyman X-50 in original boxes unopened (SOLD)

I ordered this in February and literally just arrived today. We won’t be needing this anymore and we’d like to sell it for what we paid.

Pickup Only. It’s currently in Norco, CA and I also frequent Long Beach, CA. Either location will work for me.

I’d like to sell it for $3,216, which is the same as the current price. Only difference is you don’t have to wait…

Here’s the description from my receipt.

Order Summary

Onefinity Journeyman X-50 (48"x32" Cut Area)
Choose your Control Box (black ‘brain’ box): Onefinity Controller
Choose your display: 8" Hi-Def Touch Display
Price: $2,839.00
Qty: 1 $2,839.00
Subtotal $2,839.00
Shipping $129.00
Tax $248.42
Total $3,216.42

Thanks for looking

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Thank you for all the inquiries.