New Onefinity Accessories FAQ


FAQ of all the new accessories (including the x-50 rails):

Q. How can I add additional accessories to my order?

A. Send an email to (NOT info or support) with your original order number. If it is possible to combine shipping, we will provide you a code to receive free shipping so it will not be charged for additional shipping.

Q. I’ve already placed an order for an accessory and was charged shipping.

A. Send an email to (NOT info or support) with your order number(s), and providing they are able to ship together (in the same boxes), we will refund the second shipping charge.

Q. Can I have the 80mm spindle substitute the standard 65mm on my upcoming machine?

A. Unfortunately, no. Based on current production flow and manufacturing restraints, the 80mm spindle is only offered as an accessory. The z axis with the 65mm mount IS REQUIRED for the 80mm mount.

Q. How can I upgrade to the X50 Woodworker or X50 Journeyman if my order has not shipped yet?

A. Email us at (NOT info or support) with your original order number and one of our team members will be happy to assist you. Please be patient as we are a small company and have had a lot of inquires, but we will get to everyone before your order ships.

Q. I want to upgrade my current machine to the X50 or Journeyman, but my order is scheduled to ship before August. What can I do?

A. We are happy to upgrade you to the Journeyman from the Woodworker. Please email us at (NOT info or support) with your original order number and our staff will be able to assist you. We are not able to hold orders until the new parts arrive, so once your shipping date arrives, we will ship out all stocked components. Once the X50 / Journeyman arrive, we will ship that out right away. This may leave you with an unusable machine until the x-50 ships

Another exciting new feature we are introducing is our “Infinite Possibilities Program”. This program will allow existing Onefinity Owners to enroll in the program and upgrade to new X50 / Journey at anytime for a minimal cost and shipping.

Please be patient waiting on a response. In some cases it can take up to two weeks to receive a response. This release has been overwhelming and the volume of emails/calls we are receiving is 100X more than usual. Repeat emails, or sending emails to every email address and phone calls will not get things done faster, it actually does the opposite. Thank you for your understanding.


What would be the width requirements of space to accomodate the new Journeyman X Axis component? My space is about 60" wide by 48" so I am wondering if it would fit.

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with motor, it’s exactly 61 1/4"…and that’s without giving the motor air to breath or the wire that comes off of it room to freely move or hang…

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Apologies if this has been asked elsewhere – will there be a wall mount accessory for the machinist at some point?

I think Wall mount attach to qcw that you have tobuy for you machine type.

On the X-50 and Journeyman page and video it lists “an optional 1616 Ball Screw that delivers 60% more speed”.

Why does it say optional? I don’t think there was anything on the ordering form when I ordered my Journeyman. What ball screw will it come with?

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