New parts offerings

I do not visit the OF site often after having made my purchase. I noticed that there are now new parts being sold: 10" screen, ball screws, linear bearings, … (only for those that have purchased a OF).
Exciting to see a new business that I have supported grow. Looking forward to what is next.


Hadn’t noticed this myself either - but was there recently, so it’s changed in the last week I’d presume.

Also, kudos to OF for not price gouging on the spare parts, that’s phenomenal to see!!


I’d gladly give a few bucks to ensure I’m getting a known compatible/supported spare part :slight_smile:

P.S. I know I’ve given OF a hard time on their controller choice, but 100% continue to support their decision on hardware, and this only brings that to an A++, 11/10, 110%!!!


Hi all,

I have refresh the Accessories page but do not see a 10" monitor listed.
Am I doing something wrong or I am not looking in the right place?


Please ignore my last comment.
DUH!!! Looking in Accessories instead or Replacement parts.