No signal on Screen / No video output from controller - Troubleshooting Video

If the screen is turning on and showing a blue splash screen but no input video, try the following:

  1. Plug a different device (dvd player, xbox/ps, cable box, etc) into the screen and see if it displays video. If it does, the screen is fine.

  2. Try a different hdmi cable. This will determine the hdmi cables status

  3. Plug the controller into any other screen/tv/monitor and see if it outputs video to the screen. if it does, the controller is good. if not, the controller is not.

  4. *Only do this if #3 doesn’t work. Open the back of the controller (make sure all power is unplugged first). There is a short hdmi pigtail inside. Bypass the pig tail and plug the hdmi cord directly to the raspberry pi chip inside. If it works, then the pigtail is bad. If not, go to #5

  5. Sometimes the drivers become corrupted. Try reflashing the SD card with a fresh install of the OS: How to reflash the operating system on the Onefinity (Full SD card image)