Object greater than 32" in Y Dim

How can i edit tool path so that i can cut this object that is bigger than 32" in Y dim?
Is their a way to not have a continuous tool path so that it ignores anything outside defines sheet size/max Y dim?

I think, depending on the CAD/CAM software you’re using, you could use the TILING feature. If you are using any of Vectric’s products there are many videos (check out https://www.youtube.com/c/MarkLindsayCNC/videos) on Youtube to guide you through the process.


Thanks Dave.

I figured out what i was doing wrong with tiling. I had offset my 0,0 point so that i was still above 32" when i did tiling. I change my max Y dim in tile to 30" and then i had no problem getting it to run properly. I need to redo my waste board. I had surfaced it so now i have a “lip” on waste board that is outside the 32x32" area. This is not good if your wood is greater that 32" in either direction.