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Is Onefinity even a thing anymore ? I can’t get any response via email or phone… not a good sign for customer service…

They were literally on the forum yesterday. I think they have set us up to expect immediate responses but we do need to give them the courtesy of a few days as well. It is hard with our excitement and if we have issues. Is your issue something the members of the forum can help with?

Not to mention their customer service has been excellent.


Maybe… I will scour the forum. Just basic questions… thank you

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What questions can we answer? Put them here and maybe it will help others with the same question.

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I see you are a new user on the forums. The forums and Facebook group have a ton of great information. Sometimes hard to find if you don’t know what to search for but I would heavily suggest spending some cycles searching because we have dove deep into lots of things here and support has provided details a ton as well.

I got a response this morning from an email I sent late last night, so yeah…

This piece (white disc on screw) has come loose/out, how do I properly get it in and it stays?

If you didn’t find it already here’s a post to it

Cool, thanks! I appreciate the help!

Tony O

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