OneFinity Elite Series Foreman - Outside USA

Understandably there are too many options to expect everything in one kit, however, OneFinity do mention for setups outside USA aka ~220V regions need to buy a local router. Does that mean the rest of the system works on 110-240V?

Also, who sells the 80mm spindle? I’d prefer a spindle to a makita.

I’m sure due to volume, they omit contact and support info on their main website, so thought to try here. Ideally I’m trying to order a complete kit and have everything arrive rather than miss that one crucial piece.

Perfect world, include 4-axis and tool changer. Help me build my shopping list please! MTIA

Hey Daniel,

Outside of North America, you always get the Makita RT0702C, which runs on 220-240 V and comes with a 6 and a 8 mm collet.

It’s only in North America that you get the Makita RC0701C, a 120 V version with 1/4" collet.

Regarding the Onefinity machine, you get the version according to the country you are located in. This applies to both the Elite and the PRO Series. While with the Elite Series, you either get a version for North America that runs on 120 V and switches a 120 V vacuum and hand trim router on and off, or one for the rest of the world, which have different sockets and expect that you have 230 V and your vacuum and hand trim router too (see here for details), the buildbotics-derived Onefinity Controller of the PRO (former “X-50”) and Original Series does not include a relay box (at the moment), they simply have a switch on the internal Meanwell power supply for switching 120/240 V and are otherwise identical. On the PRO/X-50/Original Series you usually attach a IoT relay to pin 15 (‘tool-enable’) of the 25-pin I/O port in order to let your hand trim router be switched on and off automatically by g-code. Use the search function of the forum for wiring.

In order to be able to drive a spindle (an induction motor), you forcibly need a VFD. Regarding the VFD, I would take care to choose one that supports sensorless vector control (SVC) and not only stupid V/f control. Good VFDs are the Omron MX2 aka Hitachi WJ200, the Hitachi S1, and the Invertek Optidrive E-3 (made in UK).

:warning: Don’t ever buy a VFD which omits the VFD input current rating.

Note that a VFD is a heavy source of EMI and is intended to be mounted into a control cabinet.

The spindle is in no case powered over a Onefinity Power Supply, but through its VFD which can be a VFD with single-phase 200 V class input (for domestic North America 240 V on split-phase electricity, or if you use only one phase in 230/400 V Europe), or a VFD with three-phase 400 V class input (if you have the usual 400 V three-phase in Europe), or a VFD with three-phase 200 V class input for North American 120/207 V three-phase (only in industrial/commercial areas, usually not available in domestic areas). The VFD’s voltage and supply circuit is independent of the voltage and supply circuit of the Onefinity machine. You can (and should) run a 220 V VFD/spindle on a 110 V North American Onefinity machine, as the spindle is never supplied by the Onefinity but by its own supply.

The spindle is exclusively switched on and off by the FWD/REV/RUN commands of the VFD. There are two ways for the CNC controller to control RUN and SPEED of the spindle: The buildbotics-derived Onefinity Controller on Original/X-50/PRO Series uses the Modbus over RS-485 serial communication inferface (two wires), while on the Elite Series, unfortunately the MASSO G3 Touch CNC Controller does not support Modbus, so it controls the VFD RUN/STOP by switching a programmable input terminal of the VFD on and off and spindle SPEED by regulating the voltage of a 0–10 V analog voltage input found on the VFD. See VFD wiring in Masso Documentation. PwnCNC offers a spindle control cable for the Elite/Masso with which you can connect the VFD to the CNC controller.

Many people here buy the ready-to-use solution from @PwnCNC available here but there are also ready-to-use solutions from the many spindle manufacturers, e.g.

Particular attention should be paid to the spindle cable, as it is a strong source of EMI and can damage the spindle if it is incorrectly mounted and earthed. It is highly recommended to buy the spindle cable ready-to-use directly from the spindle manufacturer. Reputable spindle manufacturers always offer this. Manufacturing a spindle cable is not for beginners.

Installing and using a spindle requires that the CNC machine and all its moving parts are correctly grounded and bonded. This is often omitted as the Onefinity manufacturer does not even mention it.

A spindle is neither a hand tool like the Makita hand trim router, nor a machine, but a machine component intended to be part of a machine. Therefore when you put the Onefinity CNC and a spindle and VFD together, you are the builder of a machine and have to comply to the safety regulations valid in your region. One of the most important is IEC 60204-1.

Here you can get a rich choice of spindles:

Be aware that on chinese spindles, the power rating is often wrong. See here for an example .

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