Onefinity for sale in Wisconsin

Hello, I’ve got a brand new in the box ( box was opened to make sure it was all there) X35 Woodworker forsale. It has the black box, 10.8" hi def screen, stiffy rail, and a new makita router. Had brain surgery and cant use it. I live close Fond du Lac. $2000. Pretty firm on the price as it is new.

hello, I had a couple of questions.

Did you buy this new?
Is it 32 x 32?


Hi, yes i bought it new, it is the 32x32, i havent the slightest clew on shipping. I cant drive any more so i would have to find someone with a truck as i sold mine and find a shipping store. I think the closest is an hour away.

Do you know what each of the boxes weigh I am curious on the shipping cost if I could work it out?

There are 3 box’s all 13"x10"x48" in size and all 3 say they are 45 pounds. Hope this helps.

is this still for sale?

Hello, Tim. I will pray for your recovery! 3 years ago my cousin was diagnosed with Glioblastoma (GBM).

I live south of Neenah, WI, so we are about 45 minutes apart. Please contact me via email and we can discuss.

Warm Regards,

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Yes still available.

Im sorry i dont know how to find an email on here. It is still available. I did also let the one other person know as he did ask beforehand.

Hey Tim,

(OT) If you click on the circular user profile icon on the left of a posting, you find a button called “message”. With this you can send a private mail to the corresponding user.

Hello, yes it is still available, sorry for the delayed response in me getting back to you.