Onefinity Jtech 7W Pro Laser for sale (sold)

Hi All,

I’ve got a 7W Pro Laser kit for sale. I’m looking to upgrade to the 14W kit. The kit has been used less than 5 hours and works great. It will include everything that shipped with the kit originally. Please message for photos or with any questions.

I’m looking to get $500 plus shipping. Will ship from Connecticut.


Matt, is the Laser still available? You have Pictures?

Hi @Lance249,

Sorry for some reason I didn’t get a notification of your reply but yes the laser is still available. I’ve put a couple photos in a Google Photos album here:

Let me know if you’d like to see any other photos. I have the original box, bag of stickers etc that came with the laser and those will be included.


Laser is still for sale. Open to offers if anyone is interested.

Good morning. Checking if your Laser is still for sale.
Can I get shipping estimate to Morris,Il 60450

Have you upgraded yet? Why did you feel you needed to get the more powerful laser?
Any other will be appreciated. Dan

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Hi @danorama56,

Yes, I still have the laser available. Everything would fit into a medium flat rate USPS box so shipping wouldn’t be more than $15.

As for the reason I’d like to upgrade, I suffer from a bad condition of “Newest, Latest, Best”. More seriously I was hoping that the 14w laser would just cut pieces out a little quicker. Though I will say, I recently added air assist to the 7w laser and it cuts much quicker. I’ve found that 7in/min with 100% power can cut through 1/8" cherry in 2-3 passes. It’s usually 2 passes with something lighter like basswood or poplar.

Whats the best you can do with shipping?

I would be able to do Paypal. Dont have any other payments setup.
Thanks, Dan


I would do $500 shipped for the base kit shipped as shown or I would do $550 shipped for the kit including the air assist kit from j-tech (Air Assist Nozzle Kit - J Tech Photonics, Inc.).


are your laser still available for sale?

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Yep, I still have it

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So how much it will be for the shipment? I’m in Los Angeles.

@matt Where in CT are you?

Hi Alex, I’m firm on the pricing from above.

@MrZoolittle I’m in Southbury CT

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Hi Matt, have you sold the laser yet?

Hi @Cdavis

No, I still have the laser.

I sent a DM to you, I think (not sure if I did it right :grin:)

Hey @Matt, just following up to see if you got my message. If you are interested in selling, email me at

Sold, thanks @Cdavis!