Onefinity Machinist - Phoenix, AZ

I decided to go ahead and list this for sale, as things are pointing to this being the best option right now.

Machinist 16" x 16" with custom aluminum extrusion base frame & 7 ga. steel top with 2" grid of 1/4-20 tapped holes. Base frame is professionally designed & built, and supported with 16 rubber support feet. Machine comes with Makita router & full box of spare brushes, plus an additional (backup, brand new) Makita router (so it comes with 2 routers). Have 1/8", 6mm, and 1/4" collets. Comes with 3" vise with keys that engage the keyway slots in the table. Not shown or used, but it also comes with the X-axis stiffy. The custom base represents an original cost of just over $500.

The controller it will come with is a DDCSV3.1 with Gecko G540 stepper driver. I do not have the original controller available. The DDCS controller is “functionally assembled” meaning that it works fine as-is, but you will probably want to build a nicer enclosure for it. The DDCS is an offline controller with no wifi or ethernet connection available. Programs are transferred & loaded via. USB drive.

One of the nice things about this controller is that it holds home position even when powered off. You only really need to home if the machine crashes, loses steps, or one of the axis gets manually moved. This controller also allows you to pause, jog, probe, and return to the program where you left off.

This machine is NOT under warranty, and Onefinity customer support will not be able to help you with any controller related issues or questions.

Shipping is not a practical option unless you are willing to pay full crating & shipping costs + their pickup costs.

Price: $1600. Do the math, this is truly a bargain price.

Located in north Phoenix, AZ., 85023

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