Onefinity Woodworker for sale - brand new - box unopened

My new Onefinity Woodworker is scheduled for shipping in another week. I have some unexpected financial pressures to deal with and am considering selling my Woodworker. Just looking to recoup money, not make money on it. If anybody is interested, it would save the wait time. I am located in Ontario.

Hi - just checking to see if this is still for sale?

Just curious if you decided to keep the Onefinity CNC, or if it is still for sale?

Have you sold your 1F yet Dirk?

Hello Brian, my apologies for the very slow reply. I took vacation last week and for the first time in years I decided to go completely “unplugged”. Thanks for your interest, the 1F Woodworker is no longer available. I tried to delete the post but couldn’t. I will have to take another look at that. All the best.

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Hello Patrick, see my comments to Brian. Thanks for your interest and my apologies for the tardy reply.

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