Onefinity Woodworker for sale in Virginia - SOLD

Onefinity Woodworker (32x32) with 3rd rail for sale in Virginia. I’m selling this, plus everything listed below for $2800 USD or best offer. Everything is in good condition unless noted otherwise.

  • Onefinity Woodworker CNC with 10" screen
  • Wireless joystick
  • 3-Axis touch probe
  • 45 piece oops clamps
  • Rockler Auto Lock T-Track Clamps x2
  • Tigerclaw camps x2
  • Aluminum right angle plate for ontop wasteboard
  • Suckit Dust Boot Pro (2.5") - has a crack in the shield but still works
  • PwnCNC 4" Dust Boot v7
  • 2-Pack cable extensions
  • RowdyRoman CNC Vacuum Boom & Touch Probe Holder
  • Makita Router with 1/4" collet
  • The following bits: Amana 46578, 46294-S, 46290, 46448-K, 45611-K, 45771-K, 46225-K, 46577-K, 46170-K, 46421-K, 46202-K, 45705, 45704, 45525, Whiteside Bowl & Tray #1372, freud 3/4" straight, freud 1/16" straight, BitsBits SFR4-250UP, DB062UP, DB125UP, 425-VG60, JennyBit (1/4 compression), and a 1/8" collet
  • License to VCarve Pro v11 (you can transfer the license from the original owner for a $50 fee)


Where are you located in VA?

This is X35?

Thanks David

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This is the X-35 but it includes the 3rd rail…so better than the X-35 being sold right now. I’m about 30 miles north of Richmond.


Is this still available?
Looking for one!

Yes, it is. Where are you located?

Roanoke, Virginia
Not that far away