OneFinity "Woodworker" for Sale - Mid October 2021

Due to time constraints, I will be selling my OneFinity. I am located near Kingston Ontario Canada. I built a custom bench which it’s mounted on. It is at the point of surfacing the table but I no longer have time to use it. I can jog it around the table but have never cut anything yet. It has the laser option (not installed yet). Anyhow, if you interested. Please drop me a line. I’ll put up pictures if there is interest and add detail of the extra pieces I have. It’s pretty turnkey…just buy software to design your piece and away you go.

It might be worthwhile providing a few more details, such as asking price. I assume this is the X35 Woodworker as opposed to the X50. Does it include the “stiffy” 3rd rail?
Also the title mentions mid October, does that mean it is not currently available for sale?


Hello Brian,

I will be but I’m away on vacation and just want to see if there is any interest.

Hi Brian,

My OneFinity is now for sale. I’ll be putting up pictures shortly and will have a video showing it and the options. I’m located in Ontario Canada between Brockville and Kingston.



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