Onefinity Woodworker For Sale (Sold)

Before I list my machine on Facebook Marketplace and elsewhere I thought I would list here first. I’ve got a never-out-of-the-box Woodworker for sale. It has the X-axis stiffy. I’m looking to recoup my investment. The only catch is that it would need to be purchased as a package. The following items would come with this deal. $2,500 + shipping buys everything. I will pass on the shipping rate discounts I get from UPS. I am located in western Missouri.

Onefinity Woodworker
7” Touch Pad
Onefinty Controller
Onefinity Joystick
Onefinity Touch Probe
Suckit Dust Boot Pro
Rowdy Rowman Vacuum Hose Boom
Vacuum Hose Boom Clip Set
Onefinity Hole Caps
Onefinity Touch Probe Holder
Onefinity Joystick Holder
Makita Wrench and Allen Key Holder

My reason for selling is that I was presented the opportunity to purchase a Camaster CNC with very limited use. This more industrial machine was in my plans down the road, but the opportunity came sooner than anticipated.

David Takes
816-232-6000 work

This is going so sell before you know what happened. Congrats & all the best with the Cammaster! Definitely looks like an industrial-grade machine!

If the Woodworker is still available I would like to purchase it. I will call you at work 816-232-6000 Wednesday, June 22, 2021, AM. Thank you

Sounds like a plan. I’ll be in the shop all day. I don’t close for lunch so call any time. We will work out the logistics.

This item has been sold and shipped.