Onefinity Woodworker + loads of Accesoris for Sale Western Ohio

Hey everyone I have a Onefinity Woodworker for sale. I bought it in December of 2020 and received it in April of 2021. I set the unit up and test ran it once receiving it but never physically ran it my life got busy so I never used it and I am only selling it to help pay for my wedding this upcoming year. Everything is in great shape and like I said basically brand new as I never ran any product on it. I will list out everything that comes with it below:

Onefinity Woodworker X-35

Suckit Dust Boot Pro

Onefinity Joystick

3 Axis Touch Probe

(4) 4 foot long cable extensions

Route1WoodDesign Complete Drag Chain Bracket Setup

URBEST Black Drag Chains QTY:2 (15X30mm)

Route1WoodDesign Drag Chain Extended Wires

Myers Woodshop Wasteboard Corner Clamp

RowdyRoman Universal Webcam Mount

RowdyRoman Touch Probe Holder

RowdyRoman Long GoPo Mount

RowdyRoman Short GoPro Mount

RowdyRoman Joy Pad Controller Holder

RowdyRoman Makita Wrench and Allen key Holder

RowdyRoman Z Clip for 1 7/8” Hose

RowdyRoman Hose Boom with 1 7/8” Hose Clips

The Newbie’s Guide to CNC Routing Book

Makita RT0701C Router

ASUS VT168H 15.6” Touch Screen Monitor

(250) ¼” – 20 T Nuts for Myers Woodshop Threaded Wasteboard

Amana 46315-K Upcut Spiral Bit

Amana 55227 Countersink Bit

Amana RC-2248 Spoilboard Surfacing Bit

Elaire Collet set for Makita Routers (1/8”,3/16”,1/4”)

I have roughly $3289 in everything I would like to get $3000 for the package but I am open to reasonable offers. I am willing to drive and meet the buyer within 150 miles of 45845 to try to avoid shipping since it would have to be in multiple boxes.

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Looks like a good deal, good luck!

I live in eastern Ohio, I’m retired, what is your best price,
Thanks Jerry

I am interested in your CNC. Would you go as low as $2500 if I came and picked it up? I am in northern IN so it is outside of your 150 mile radius but not a big deal for me.

Fireman, is this still available? I’m about 30 minutes north of Dayton. Would love to add another machine!!

Curious if this unit is still available?

No sure if seller will post - but this is sold - my dad bought it. Great guy to deal with…machine was basically brand new.


Thanks, looked like a good deal. I work a few miles from the location and I was excited to potentially find something close.

Not interested in buying it, but I am in Cincinnati. I am considering getting a “user group” together… anybody else interested?

I’d be interested but I’m a newbie to all this. I received 2 of my 3 boxes today for the journeyman.

Sent you a private message

Is your machine package still for sale?
Thanks, Dan