Onefinity X-50 for sale - California San Jose

  • $2000
  • Purchased Dec 21
  • 10.8 Hi-Def Touch Display
  • Wireless Controller
  • Suckit Dust Shoe
  • Magnetic Quick Swap for Dust Shoe
  • 3 Axis Touch Plate
  • Drag Chain

Optional Item

  • Kreg Table

Reason: I switched over to Avid CNC since it has ATC.

Hello, would you be willing to do $1500?

I applied 50% of the purchased price and think $2000 is reasonable and the lowest in the market.

Is this the Woodworker or Journeyman?

So how can you pay for this if we wanted to buy it and is there shipping as well?
And which model is this ? Journeyman/ Woodworker? and assuming this is the (48x32) correct?

This model is Journeyman


This is journeyman (48x32). Payment can be done with Paypal and I can work on shipping but worry about damage.

I’m interested in the machine you have for sale.
I’m in SJ as well. I’ll send over a DM.
Thank you

Edit: No DM option. Is there an email I can reach you at instead?

my email is

Thank you. Email sent

Interested. Give me an email at

Interested, Is this machine still available?